Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thoughts on Coaching from Sharon Soccer Coaches

We recently asked our coaches about their experiences coaching and why they loved doing it.   Here are some of their answers:

Question: Why do you love coaching?

"Because I can do my best to inject good values into a new generation of kids"
- Phillip Ibrahim

"It became part of my life from the 1st time I set foot on the field with my daughter and continues today with my son. I can't imagine not doing it and will miss it when it comes to an end. Soccer is such a great game and being able to helping the young men and women play the game with passion and commitment gives the greatest satisfaction.'
- Scott Director

"Seeing kids 'get it' and be excited"
- John Lydeard

"I enjoy teaching what I love.'
- Rose

"A few reasons: 1. I love the game of soccer; 2. I treat the kids as fairly as I can trying to focus on both winning the game (which is very important to them) and being fair and getting everyone to play and treat their teammates with respect. 3. Its a good bonding experience for me and my son."
- name withheld

"It reminds me of when I was kid and the lessons I learned."
- Thomas N. Farkas

"To be positively involved in soccer.
Give the opportunity to players to develop and express themselves. Make a difference to a players ability/technique/understanding of soccer. To pass on my passion and love for soccer. See players come through and develop and mature as a player. Be able to be involved in soccer that I have always played and know of."
- Robert James Cross. Academy Development Coach, Challenger Sports

"It's a great opportunity to play an important role in your kids childhood."
- Brian Rothbaum

"I feel as though sports is an important part of keeping kids happy and healthy!"
- name withheld

"I am looking forward to sharing my son's first experience playing on a team. I love soccer and I think it will be a blast to help kids learn how to enjoy playing the game."
- Edward McGushin

"Help be a positive influence on others' lives. My father was a soccer coach for years and I directly felt the impact of this, both personally and now professionally. Help bring out the best in someone and teach them to believe in themselves, win or lose."
- Justin Hill

"Helping kids gain confidence in playing team sports, teaching them to play as a team, watching the kids improve over the season, and having my son see me as someone who can teach kids new lessons and skills."
- Adam Binder

"Watching a group of kids gel as a team. regardless of their ultimate finish in a league or tournament, and to give back as a volunteer."
- Barry Rosenblum

"Overall, coaching has been a very rewarding experience. I enjoy working with the kids on their skills development, teaching them the mechanics, and imparting my passion for playing sports on what will be our town's future athletes. Also, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a player who struggled at the beginning of the season, but through encouragement and instruction, was able to develop to the point where he was not only having fun, but also wanted to continue playing soccer. I believe the longer these kids stay in the system, the more they will benefit from the experience later on the life."
- Rob Shone

"Dedicated time with my children where I am really making a difference for the community!"
-name withheld

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