Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wanted: Age Group Coordinators (AGCs) for this Spring!

Interested?  Please contact the Rec League Coordinator, Travis Wiebe, at or 617 512-4598.  Position details are below:

Recreation Soccer Age Group Coordinator Guidelines

Revised: Spring 2014

The SSA is looking for several Rec Soccer Age Group Coordinators to act as the main contact between the coaches and the Rec Coordinator and Board of Directors of the Sharon Soccer Association (the “SSA Board”).   Most of you are also coaches as well, and the Board very much appreciates your extra time and effort.

These guidelines are intended to give you an overview of your responsibilities.  They are by no means intended to be all-encompassing.  If you encounter any situation which is not covered by these Guidelines and you are not sure how to proceed, please feel free to contact the Rec Coordinator or, if the Rec Coordinator is unavailable, contact any member of the SSA Board.


1)      You must communicate with your coaches (usually be email) each week BEFORE game day to remind them which drills are to be run that week, and to go over any issues from the previous or upcoming week.  You will also need to pass along any pertinent information that you receive from the Rec Coordinator.


1)      In case of cancellation due to weather, you will be contacted by the Rec Coordinator and must contact all your coaches, so they can contact the players in a timely manner.

2)      You and the coaches should be the first ones to arrive at the field.  You should arrive at the field at least 15-20 minutes prior to the start time.  You need to make sure the field is ready for play (safe conditions, goals and cones available and set up, etc.), BEFORE the players arrive.

3)      You should make sure every team has an adequate number of coaches (or designated parents) at the field to handle the team.  If necessary, you may have to jump in and help out.

4)      You are responsible to make sure that the coaches follow the guidelines set up for them by the board:   teaching the designated training drills, using the correct number of players in the scrimmages, making sure all players get equal playing time and instruction, and that the more talented players on each team are ‘reigned in’ to make the games competitive and fun for ALL the players.

5)      You should address any questions/concerns from parents, and keep them outside the fence (at facilities that have a fence) or well away from the field.  You should also answer any questions from the coaches, and intervene if there is any problem between a coach and a parent (or player).  Any major parental or player issues should be referred back to the Rec Coordinator or any other SSA Board member.

6)      You should NOT get involved in the actual coaching of any team (unless a team is short-handed, or is your team), either the drills or the scrimmages.   If there is an issue/concern with the coaching, take the head coach aside for a moment and discuss it with them.  Unresolved issues should be referred back to the Rec Coordinator or any other SSA Board member.

7)      You and the coaches should be the last to leave the field, making sure the equipment is put away (if needed), the field is picked up.  Take any left-behind clothing equipment to the Lost & Found in the concession stand, and make sure that all players have a ride home.


1)      Support and thank your coaches – they are volunteers putting in their time and effort.  Help them with any issues that arise.  Deflect any parental problems away from the coaches onto yourself; let the coaches concentrate on coaching.

2)      Keep the SSA Board informed of any issues or problems.  They are there to support you, so use them.  Any major problems should be referred back to them.

3)      Make sure that your primary concern is always for the players to have fun.

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